Neo Polytheism

Do we agree on the perception that there exist several gods and goddesses, at the same time agree on the existence of a unique source of all that is: PRIME SOURCE ¬†Prime self loving love source heart’s core ?

If you agree, please keep reading this site. Otherwise, your curiosity might bring you to discover that the divine presence of gods, goddesses, demigods, demigoddesses and all mystic and mythical beings in between, along our pages and work.

Neo Polytheism is a new expression of the observation, description of relationships and interactions established and experienced between the divine realms, the divine self expressions of prime source of all that is, nature, all that is and yourself.

Polytheism, never ended, with mono theism, the fact that the perception focus and gives divine attributes to one single source, does not imply those attributes do not be expressed by many other expressions of the same source.

If a mortal meets a god or goddess, or receive the blessing of the divine realms, is a personal experience, there for, must be confirmed within own heart.  Within the field of this clarity we enter now the site of Neo Polytheism, and discover its relationship with the Prime Culture and Prime Archeology, as well as with Prime Technology.


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