Prime Self Union Mythology

Within the Prime self union mythology, there is the following information needed for the readers, practitioners and users of Prime Technology, the technology of the culture of the primes.

At the point of reaching the status of hero, the traveler empowered by divine bliss, will face the most advanced challenge while stepping and tapping into the realm of the demigods and demigoddesses.

The demigods realm, is the stage previous to that one of the gods and goddesses in prime self union. While the gods path bring to the traveler the possibility of prime self union, the demigods path on the contrary is a state of union per se, while in a sub-consciouss state of mind; there for un-capable of consciouss communication, collaboration or cocreation with the divine bliss.

The demigods per se are dedicated to the practice of power and most of them might fall in the practice of fear, or greed, some of them with the intent of replacing the role of the primes and of the goddesses and gods in prime self union, of prime source of all that is, in the perception of the inhabitants of all the verses. (Divine verse, quantumverse, multiverse, holoverse, fractalverse, nanoverse, digiverse, innerverse, 9 divine worlds)

While the gods and goddesses in prime self union remain indifferent to the deeds of the demigods, as for perceiving them as expressions of the divine order,  is there eventually the need to consider a potential, possible, accidental interaction with them, probably for purposes of divine order.

As for divine perception, and divine action, the gods and goddesses in prime self union dedicate themselves to self-enjoyment, self-knowledge, self-awarenes, self-expression, in prime self union, the interaction with the demigods is not mandatory but an event within the divine realm that is integrated in the nature of all that is.

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