Knowledge applied

It is the knowledge of the neo polytheists that the true divine source is meant to be found within own heart core, through a vortex that leads our consciousness to immerssion in our true source, a field of consciousness of all that is, the divine source, the prime source of all that is.

As well that the expressions of that source, can be observed in all that is, as every and each created and self created unit is expression of it.

In order to reach the stage of development beyond the consumption of resources in the natural world, but the self-generation of the nurturing substances necessary for life and self-expression, the neo polytheists practice and apply prime technology for reaching immortality and the expression of their own culture, the culture of the gods and the goddesses in prime self union, self sufficient beings capable to care for the sustainability of own life through the manifestation of all that is necessary for it within own heart.

The cultural expressions as well society based on these self transformation (from vampirism/consume of external sources of life, shelter and health, into self sufficiency)  that reached the state of the divine self-expression is the main achievement of the application of knowledge, as for example the conception and birth of children without an organic sounding light womb as known in the earthian modern culture of the 2017, but within a womb created by the combination of the fields of consciousness of the parents and shield of the organic light tissues necessary for holding and brining together the necessary elements for life and consciousness in the new borned.

Indicating that society and relationship, family, will change in accordance to the change of dynamics that will take place by application of this knowledge.


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