Neo Polytheism is a study program of the Odin Theta Academy in the same field of Prime Archeology and Prime Language.

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, along his own spiritual journey within own heart innerstood the experience of interaction and communication with the divine realms, and the blessing, gifts and responsibility that the experience of prime self union he had will bring to his life.

By following the path of the divine bliss, LUIS experienced several stages of development and pass through several tests www.prime-do.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info through which he will discover the divine realms and dedicate his life to the continues research, and application of the knowledge and gifts received in this interaction.

For LUIS is clear that each unique being and form, self expression of prime source, the source of all that is, is able to express all divine qualities of prime source when in a state of prime self union. There for the practice of prime yoga is necessary  www.prime-yoga.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info and the observation of the costumes, values, and aims of the Prime Culture as well as the rituals of the Neo Polytheist spirituality.

As emmisary of the divine realms, LUIS is dedicated to the reactivation of the sacred sites of the ancient agreements of collaboration between the divine realms, the gods and goddesses in prime self union and any other being or self expression of prime source in the multiverse, holoverse, fractoverse, nano verse, digi verse, quantumverses and divine verses.

His mission and services are dedicated to the ones that have entered also in interaction with the divine, sacred and mystic aspect of life, creation, and divine self expression and agree on the interaction, blessing, communication, collaboration and ascension in relationship with the gods and goddesses in prime self union.

May the path be sealed, for every one wishing for prime self union within own life and whole inner self.

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The Reactivation of the Divine Temples